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Woodwool from the Thueringer Forest



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Product properties

Our woodwool is made only of untreated wood, which is the product of the necessary forestry. Thanks to our special depot, drying and manufacturing process, we attain to a large extent the elasticity and tenacity of the fresh healthy wood,  so all the advantages of this unique natural product can be accentuated to the full extent and the prices remain cheap.

         Technical characteristics:    Our production procedure provides for small weight, large productivity and dust free woodwool. Thanks to the unique qualities  of woodwool, no adverse vibration and shift effects, so no overfilling of packing material  necessary  to achieve self cohesion and prevent the quicksand effect.

         Ecology:  Wood is the only raw material of this world, which binds CO during the production. Woodwool is manufactured by mechanical machine cutting. Therefore very low power, no water load and no chemicals are required, so it is environment friendly packaging. Short routes of transportation for the raw material, since the wood comes from the domestic forests. Re-usable!

         Disposal:  Without expensive back transport system by composting, burn or use in the garden e.g. as Mulch or covering material.

         Economics:  Very favorable price / return relationship per m of packing material, this means low costs. By a careful pressing woodwool becomes consolidated to approx. 1/6 of its initial volume, which is very big advantage for transport and storage.

Woodwool for the special use


Woodwool for the normal use

Woodwool for garden, strawberry, tulips

Woodwool for udder cleaning

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